Emergency Lighting

RHB series

Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts

 RHB Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts

In the event of a power failure, the RHB Series fluorescent emergency ballast takes over from the AC ballast and operates 1 or 2 lamps at a reduced lumen output.

Emergency ballasts must provide battery power for a minimum of 90 minutes, and must power the lamps to provide at least 1 Foot Candle of illumination on the floor. Emergency ballasts allow the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. All Commercial and Government buildings in the US are required by law to provide emergency lighting in the path of egress. Life Safety Code NFPA 101, UL924


  Product Features Data Sheets  
RHB1402 1400 Lumens, 1- 2 T8 linear lamps Spec Instructions
RHB1201 1200 Lumens, 1 T5 & T8 linear lamp Spec Instructions
RHB1301LP 1300 Lumens, 1 lamp T5, T8 and long compact -Low Profile Spec Instructions
RHB831LP 800 Lumens, 1 lamp T5, T8 and long compact- Low Profile Spec Instructions
RHB702 700 Lumens, 1 - 2 T8 & T12 lamp , 1 lamp long compact Spec Instruction
RHB701 700 Lumens, 1 T8 & T12 lamp Spec Instructions
RHB501 500 Lumens, 1 T8 & T12 lamp Spec Instructions
RHB751C 750 Lumens, 4 pin Compact and long compact Lamps Spec Instructions

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