Specialty Lighting & Luminaires

Assurance Lighting - is a division of Assurance Engineering LLC that manufactures and sell specialty luminaires.

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Product Features Data Sheets

TG Lamps

TB2- 2' T 15/16" LED Lamp - 

TB2-2' T   9/16" LED Lamp  - 

TB4- 4' T 15/16" LED Lamp - 

TB4- 4' T 9/16" LED Lamp - 

IES Files TB2 15/16" 3500K

IES Files TB4 15/16" 3500K

TG Driver

TB2-Driver 30W, 0-10Vdc Dimming - operates up to 3 TB2 lamps

TB4-Driver 60W, 0-10Vdc Dimming - operates up to 3 TB4 lamps

TB2-Driver 30W Spec Sheet

TB4-Driver 60W Spec Sheet